Thursday, October 11, 2007

The FDA Approved Ingredients in OcuGlide™ Provide
Outstanding Lubrication for Prosthetic Eye Wearers

Medical-Grade Gel Offers Round-the-Clock Relief
From Discomfort, Irritation, Watering or Discharge

October 7, 2007 – Doctors Associates Rx Inc. is proud to announce that OcuGlide™ – a medical-grade ocular lubricant specifically designed for those that wear prosthetic eyes – is now available on the American market. OcuGlide’s FDA approved ingredients, silicone-based formula offers long-lasting relief from the eye discomfort, irritation, watering and unsightly discharge often experienced by those that wear artificial eyes.

Unlike old “glass eyes” that required frequent cleaning, today’s prosthetic eyes are designed to be worn as much as possible, and even slept in, so long as they are kept properly cleaned and lubricated. There are several ocular lubricants on the market, but many are water or saline-based gels that tend to be absorbed by the tissue in and around the eye socket, resulting in dryness, discomfort and a crusty discharge. Similarly, there are silicone-based oils out there that claim to provide “all day” comfort, but they often cause watering of the eye or a goopy discharge.

OcuGlide™ is a medical grade gel formulated to help relieve discomfort and reduce the embarrassing discharge that often accompanies the wear of prosthetic eyes. The medium-viscocity silicone formula in OcuGlide™ eliminates the irritation and other adverse effects of wearing ocular prosthetics for far longer than similar products, and promotes proper eye function, health and comfort.

According to Doctors Associates Rx Inc. spokesperson, Carol Greer, “With the release of OcuGlide™, there’s finally an ocular lubricant on the market that offers true round-the-clock relief from irritation, discomfort, dryness and discharge associated with wearing prosthetic eyes. We’re proud that American ocularists recommend the unique formula in OcuGlide™ to their patients for long-lasting eye comfort.”

Applying OcuGlide™ is safe, clean and extraordinarily simple, and since it’s specifically formulated for application inside the eye there’s no need to remove your prosthetic. OcuGlide™ is simply applied as if one were putting in eye drops; normal blinking helps to spread the lubricant cleanly and evenly. Since OcuGlide™ is water resistant and won’t be absorbed by the body, and its medium viscosity, scientifically-formulated formula allows eyes to blink smoothly, while also protecting your prosthesis from dust, particles and other pollutants in the air.

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